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Home » Steve Harvey Bodyguard Pictures, Did His Wife Marjorie Cheat?

Steve Harvey Bodyguard Pictures, Did His Wife Marjorie Cheat?

Steve Harvey Bodyguard Pictures

Netizens have been investigating Steve Harvey and His Bodyguard pictures on the internet. Did Marjorie cheat on him? Let’s find it out.

As per sources, Globally recognized Television Host and comedian Steve Harvey’s wife cheated on him after years of togetherness. His wife, Marjorie has allegedly been cheating on him with his bodyguard and personal chef.

There haven’t been any official explanations or confirmations of the allegations so far. But, the Internet hasn’t taken it lightly.

Steve Harvey Bodyguard William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman Pictures

William ‘Big Boom’ Freeman has been the comedian’s bodyguard for a very long period of time. And after the recent allegations and rumors, people have been more interested in his personal life.

Freeman isn’t just a bodyguard. He is also a celebrated relationship speaker, Entrepreneur, and author.

He has a Facebook Page and seems to be regularly active on it. Furthermore, his Facebook account has 1.2k followers as of now.

Did Steve Harvey’s Wife Marjorie Cheat On Him?

There have been multiple sources online claiming that Marjorie Harvey has cheated on her long-married husband Steve Harvey.

It is said that Marjorie has been cheating on him for quite a long time with his bodyguard, Big Boom, and their Chef.

Currently, there is also another rumor that Harvey’s wife has filed for a divorce. In addition, she has asked for a whopping $200 million for settlement.

As the rumors have taken to an extreme height, a lawyer named Senator Prince Ned Nwoko came forward confirming it’s all fake. He writes on his Instagram, “We had to contact Him ( Steve) and He confirmed that he and his wife are very much okay and it’s all fake news and should be disregarded. The family is happy together and we wish them all the best.”

Meanwhile, Steve nor his wife have commented anything on the ongoing allegations.

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