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Why Was Hiroshi Khanal Arrested? Girlfriend Neetu Malla

Hiroshi Khanal Arrested

Why was Hiroshi Khanal arrested and what was the reason behind it? Let’s disclose the current trending topic in Nepal.

Hiroshi Khanal is a content creator and influencer who gained a considerable fan following for his comedy TikTok skits. His way of collaborating and promoting other brand products has been considered unique and entertaining.

He has also been on TikTok’s Fyp page for pranking others with his on-and-off relationship with girlfriend Neetu Malla.

Why Was Hiroshi Khanal Arrested and When Was This?

Hiroshi Khanal was arrested in 2021 for possessing 6.95 Million Rupees, suspected from illegal sources. At that time, he was working as the manager of Being Human Store in Nepal.

Metropolitan Police Chief Ashok Singh revealed that Hiroshi was arrested from Durbar Marg, outlet of Being Human Store. He also added that the 69.5 Lakhs rupees were all in 1000 and 500 rupees notes stacked up in a blue bag.

@your_man444 Replying to @prabinaaaa.x SO THIS GOOFY AHH DRAMATIC MF GOT ARRESTED FOR ( RS 6.95 milion) ILLEGAL HUNDI MONEY WHEN HE WAS MANAGER OF “BEING HUMAN”💀👁️👄👁️💩 #fypシ#foryoupage ♬ Pound Town (and Tay Keith) – Sexyy Red & Tay Keith

Police Force were also searching for Raju Thapa Chhetri and Santosh Pokharel who were the main operators of the clothing outlet in Nepal.

Later the authorities ruled out the store as a money laundering process which is illegal in every way.

After some investigations, Hiroshi was released from custody. The complete news and the pieces of evidence of investigations are yet to be made public.

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Where Is Hiroshi Khanal Now?

After Hiroshi Khanal was released from prison, he started exploring a different line of career. He began uploading comedy skits on TikTok more actively and started gaining popularity.

Furthermore, he has collaborated with several brands like Rare Nepal, Vircap Nepal, and many more.


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A post shared by Hiroshi Khanal (@hiroshi.khanal)

Recently, he applied for an Australian Visa to study further and progress in his career. He successfully passed the language test as well.

Currently, in 2023, he lives and studies in Australia.

His Girlfriend Neetu Malla

Hiroshi is currently dating his girlfriend Neetu Malla. The couple is currently in a long-distance relationship as Hiroshi is in Australia and Neetu is in Nepal.

The couple recently pranked their followers by stating that they had broken up after Hiroshi cheated. They had publicly confirmed it.

However, after some days, they joined in a TikTok live surprising the public. It appears they were pranking.

@subritshrestha Replying to @Angela❤️ @Neetu Malla Thakuri @Hiroshi Khanal nice #foryou ♬ original sound – Subrit

They successfully managed to fool the public. In addition, during that period their videos gained massive views and comments. Their popularity increased massively with their fake breakup marketing.

This has also caused an increase in hatred among their followers. Moreover, some people have even started blocking both in all social media accounts.

Follow Hiroshi and Neetu On Social Media

Hiroshi Khanal is active on Instagram under the username @hiroshi.khanal. He has gained over 10k followers on Instagram. Similarly, he also has a TikTok account with 29.3k followers.

Talking about his girlfriend, Neetu also has both TikTok and Instagram accounts. She has 13k followers on Instagram and 23k followers on TikTok.

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