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Home » AEW Star Jon Moxley Skewers Slammed Into His Head

AEW Star Jon Moxley Skewers Slammed Into His Head

Jon Moxley Skewers

How did Jon Moxley get Skewers slammed into his head? Here’s everything to know about it.

Jon Moxley is a well-known figure in the wrestling show business. He was formerly known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE from 2011 to 2019. In addition, he has been active as a wrestler since June 2004.

AEW Star Shoves Skewers Into Jon Moxley’s Head

Jon Moxley always loves to push himself more. And there is no denying that he loves to bleed on screen in the most brutal and gruesome ways. And recently he did something unbelievable in an AEW match.

During the match on August 28, Wrestler Penta El Zero Miedo slams Skewers Moxley through the top of his head into his skull. This scene was very disturbing to a lot of the audience. Moreover, netizens have also started calling this the “End of Wrestling”.

Soon after Penta smashes the Skewers, Moxley starts bleeding from his head. In just a few seconds his whole face gets covered with blood.

Video of Moxley Getting Skewered Is Viral

The brutal and disturbing video of Jon Moxley getting Skewered has grabbed the attention of a lot of people on the internet. In addition, it is advised not to show it to children or people who are quite sensitive.

In the video, we can see that Penta El Zero Miedo takes a handful of Skewers and puts them into the top of Moxley’s head. And within a fraction of a second, the wrestler starts slamming hard into it.

Though a majority of Skewers falls to the ground, a certain portion keeps sticking into his head. Furthermore, the blood seems very much real as it floods down his face.

One Twitter user writes ” Jesus Christ, Penta El Zero Miedo just jammed skewers onto Jon Moxley’s head & Moxley is just simply embracing the pain.

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