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Sam Newey Wikipedia Bio, British Volunteer Killed In Ukraine

Sam Newey Wikipedia

The Wikipedia Biography of the late Sam Newey seems to be currently unavailable. Here is everything we have gathered on his bio.

Sam Newey was a British volunteer who died on August 30, 2023. He was killed in action while fighting in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Moreover, His brother, Dan confirmed the sad news.

Exploring Sam Newey Wikipedia Biography

Sam Newey, also known as Samuel Newey, was a brave soul. He was a member of an international volunteer group known by the name Dark Angels.

He was just 21 years old when he first traveled to Ukraine to show his support in the Russia-Ukraine war. In addition, he has fought in support of Ukraine since last year.

Talking of Sam’s academics, he studied psychology at the University of Birmingham.

In the year 2020, both Sam and his father Paul were convicted for supporting Kurdish fighters in Syria. To add, they were charged with terror offenses.

Sources claim that they were charged because they had sent financial support to Sam’s brother Dan who was at that time fighting against ISIS in Syria.

However, later all the charges were dropped.

British Volunteer Samuel Newey Killed In Ukraine

The sad news of Sam Newey’s death was first confirmed by his brother Dan via a Facebook post. In the post, Dan writes, “Sam you gave your life for people you never knew and acted with courage, morality, and honor.”

Dan adds, “Not only are you my little brother, but you’re an exceptional man, a good soldier, and one of the bravest people I ever had the privilege of knowing.”.

Then he says his goodbye saying, “Thank you so much for being part of my life for these 22 years. I love you always brother.”

Not just Dan, but a lot of people have been paying tribute to Sam’s sacrifice.

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