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Meet Laura Marano Boyfriend or Husband In 2023, Ross Lynch

Laura Marano Boyfriend 2023

Is Laura Marano married to Ross Lynch or are they boyfriend and girlfriend in 2023? Let’s find it out. 

Laura Marano is an accomplished actress, singer, and model who has starred in a total of 56 movies and TV series. She debuted as Emily in the TV series Joan of Arcadia in 2004.

Moving on, she has also starred in several award-winning shows such as Lady Bird, The Royal Treatment, and Dexter. 

Fans are very excited for her upcoming movie Choose Love which releases on Netflix on August 31. In addition, she stars alongside actors, Avan Jogia, and Scott Michael Foster.

Who Is Laura Marano Boyfriend or Husband In 2023?

The beautiful actress, Laura Marano appears to be single at the moment. Looking through her social media accounts, one can presume that she has been single for quite some time now.


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In the past, she was dating Thomas Macken, who is a musician by profession. The former couple dated from around 2018 to 2020. The reason for their separation hasn’t been disclosed yet.

The Royal Treatment star has played as a lead singer in several singles including Boombox, La La, Me, Let Me Cry, and many more.

Is Laura Dating Ross Lynch?

Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are very good friends in real life. They dated each other for some time back when they both were cast in the comedy series Austin & Ally. 

However, they stopped seeing each other after a certain period of time. Fans were worried that they wouldn’t see each other anymore.

But, in 2022 a picture landed on social media where they were seen together. This concluded that despite after breakup they are indeed good friends.

As to confirm, no, Laura and Ross aren’t dating each other as of 2023.

Follow Her On Instagram

Laura is active on her official Instagram account under the username @lauramarano. She has a massive 10 million followers with a total of 113 posts.

Moreover, It appears a lot of her Instagram posts are archived and we can view only a selective amount.

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